4 Fail-Proof Ways To Sell Anything With Video

Planning and creating a Video to sell your products requires a lot of skills. To really succeed, you need to learn copyrighting, elements of screenwriting, and then all of the audio and visual skills that bring your script to life.

However, there are four powerful sales video formats you can use that don't require you to master the various skill sets mentioned above. These are incredibly powerful techniques for converting viewers into buyers. 
Let's dive in -

1. Demonstrate The Outcome

Most weak product offers talk about features, not benefits. You have to sell with benefits if you really want to make a lot of sales. So as an example, if your offer is "our ABC drill is the fastest and most powerful drill on the market" you're selling with features. If your offer is "our ABC drill makes clean holes quickly so you can hang your pictures without damaging your home" you're selling with benefits.
Where video excels is that you don't have to tell people about the benefits, you can show them, and this is what demonstrating outcomes is all about. Showing the drill making the hole without any problems demonstrates the outcome the buyer actually wants.
If you're selling information products, what's the outcome your buyer will achieve post implementation? Say you're selling an SEO wordpress plugin - instead of "our seo wordpress plugin does a, b and c to your website", show a video of someone searching Google and finding a blog that uses that SEO plugin - that's the outcome the buyer wants.

2. The Testimonial Transformation

Testimonials from your customers do wonders for your credibility in showing your product has been used, applied and people have got results with your solution. Testimonials of customers talking about your product are great, because they effectively do the selling for you, and allow your viewer to relate with someone "in the same position" as them. Your existing customers differ from you because as the product merchant, your prospects they expect you to have experience, advantages and circumstances they don't currently have. 
Whilst customer testimonials are great, they're tricky because you're not in control of what customers will say, nor can you be if you want authentic testimonials.
A better way to sell through customer testimonials is what I call the "testimonial transformation," and this is really about focusing on one customer - probably your best one, who has really had success using and applying your product to their business or life.
If you're not aware of any "stand out" customers who have done great things with your products, you can draw out the success stories by simply surveying your customer base - send an email to your buyers list and ask them how they're going with your product, if they need help and invite them to share their results.
Once you've found your "best customer," invite them to be interviewed other skype or email and get them to share their story, talk about your product and what they've done with it. 
This information then forms the narrative for the body of an incredible sales video - one entirely made up of an authentic, honest customer story. This alone fully answers one of the two biggest questions your prospective buyers have - "will it work?" (the other being what does it cost).

3. Sell With Valuable Content

A master tactic in video sales is to sell with content. Take a look through Clickbank, Amazon or many other sites and their videos will be product focused. Sure they will talk benefits, show you the product in action and talk about what it will do for you, but these videos are clearly in "sales mode"
A handful of really smart marketers are cottoning on to the fact that the best way to sell their products with video is by giving away value in their sales videos. This way their videos become part "free course," part infomercial. 
Say you're selling that SEO plugin I mentioned above - script your sales video to teach your prospect about SEO and how they're website can benefit from applying some smart techniques. Your sales material could be made up entirely of informative videos that teach people about SEO, and your product is perfectly positioned within these videos as a solution viewers can purchase to automate or assist with what you're teaching.
Big product launch marketers like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins has mastered this technique, to the point where their sales videos will actually get shared on social networks as valuable content - the most powerful outcome you can possibly get. Prospects doing your marketing for you.

4. Proving Generated Value

This technique is the most powerful, but also the hardest to implement. 

When you make someone an offer, you ask them to exchange their money for something of greater value. Put a different way, you present enough information for them to decide whether your offer is worth more the price you're charging.

The truth is, 99.9% of offers simply don't prove their value to prospective buyers. That's not to say they actually need to - it's well known that we buy based on emotions more than logic, and usually based more on emotional rationalising. So it's no surprise that you see sales and marketing material pull on emotional triggers to convince us we need something that, well, we probably don't.

However, if you can evolve your product offer into the illusive 0.1% of offers that actually prove their value, you have an unstoppable business in your hands.
As a simple example, if you had an offer that easily demonstrated "Invest $1 and you'll make $2," you're proving the generated value. 
As a more specific example, if you offered a product or service to improve the conversion rate of a customer's sales process, if you can guarantee a quantifiable increase, your offer might be "Our service will increase your sales page conversions by a minimum of 10%, or your money back". 
In that example, if your target customer knows that a 10% increase in sales is worth far more than your service, you have an easy sale on your hand. 
This concept of proving the generated value is easier to explain than implement, but if you can focus your attention on how your product or service creates a quantifiable, measurable different to customers, you can start marketing with this incredibly powerful technique.
At it's core, it's about resolving the two biggest objections a customer has - will your product work, and is it a waste of money.

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