5 Ways Video Will Change Your Website Forever

If you're in any doubt about the power of online video, this post is for you.

This is a simple post, but its about the core, fundamental benefits of online video, and how it can change your website for the better

1. Regain Control Of Your Visitor's Experience

Websites full of text all suffer the same problem - fragmented consumption.

New visitors rarely read entire posts or articles. They skim text and sales copy, look for quick answers and crucially, miss key points in your messages.

Video (when done well) puts the control back with you. It's a linear format, which means viewers consume your message in the sequence you intend them to. This can backfire - if your video doesn't engage, one click and they're gone. That's usually cured with nothing more with some decent script writing to keep viewers hooked all the way through your video - whatever you're doing on screen.

2. Far Greater Audience Attention

Reading is a dull affair. Lines and lines of text your brain has got to process and make sense of. Just switching to audio changes the game completely - listening to the human voice is far easier than reading it. Add video - either on camera or supporting visuals, and your message is taken to a new dimension - viewers listen to your message and process your visuals at the same time. The biggest mistake people make is assuming humans can't absorb information quickly via video. They can - which means you can communicate your message far quicker. 

All this means your viewers are paying attention - and the longer they're paying attention, the longer you own mindshare, the greater the chance you have to gain a fan, subscriber, list member or customer.

3. Far Greater Audience Engagement

An attentive audience is an engaged audience - simply meaning they're more likely to interact with your site - leave comments, take actions, share content etcetera. The purist measurement of this is "time on site" - a measurement you can look up in your web statistics package (Google Analytics provide it free). YouTube visitors stay on this site (on avergage) nearly four times as long as Google visitors - and that means they're engaged more engaged.

4. Rapidly Establish Trust & Authority 

Trust and Authority takes a long time to establish in any area, but videos jump out of your webpage and allows viewers to get to know you very quickly. You know the phrase - people buy people first, product second.

Enabling people to hear and see you means visitors decide whether you're trust worthy far quicker - and the mere fact that you're communicating through video shows you're serious about serving your audience.

5. Improved Search Rankings

Engaged viewers hanging around your site has another subliminal effect - signalling search engines that your site is a destination they should be sending searchers to. Google aren't stupid, and more importantly, don't want to look stupid. They don't want to present search results to users where the results aren't of interest. They're measuring time on site (chrome, analytics, cookies), and use that as factor to reinforce your site's relevancy around a given keyword. 

Take the jump

If you haven't used online video yet, why not start now? This tutorial on YouTube explains a technique you can use to create a great video using nothing but Powerpoint. Get started!

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