Absence Will Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Folks, a quick update....

I've not posted in a little while and with good reason. Whilst compelling.tv may appear to have been neglected, I can assure you that's far from the case.

I've been working on something *extremely* special which should be ready for you to see at the end of February, and between now and then I'll be updating the blog and on YouTube with what it is, and how it will help you with your Video Marketing

Additionally, I've got some cool new videos on YouTube coming up, including ....

Superbowl Ad Breakdown

After the big game, I'll be cherry picking the best adverts from the big game and deconstructing why they are superb examples of selling with video. You don't want to miss this.


I'll also be opening discussion forums here on c.tv, which will support the "big announcement" and some other video marketing / Youtube content I've been developing which doesn't fit on the blog.

Stay tuned!

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