Can You Really Create a Video In One Hour?

We're gearing up for the launch of One Hour Video System here at HQ, and I got an email from one of our subscribers expressing doubts about the main concept - 

Will I Really Be Able To Create Videos In One Hour With This System?

The answer is absolutely yes, though it's predicated on a few factors I'll talk about in this article.

Dirty Hands

Fairly obviously, this system requires (significant) input from you. Thus, the speed you can accomplish each task in governs how quick the whole thing will take.

Our objective with the product has been two fold - 

  1. Remove / Eliminate any repetitive task that can be fully or semi-automated
  2. Provide you with tuition on how to speed up the parts that require your input.

The first video you make with this won't be done in an hour. Like any skill, the more you do it the better (and quicker) you get.

At my most "proficient" skill level, creating videos before this system would take me 2-3 hours minimum. Now I can do the same videos in less than an hour.

Some of my early YouTube videos were ridiculous ... I spent 4/5 hours on things that look "quaint" and lack energy ... we all start somewhere.

Compare those to the video that currently plays on my channel page (which is largely responsible by itself for the 3,400+ subscribers on the channel). That video took me 16 hours over two days to make. I have no hesitation in saying I could produce that now in 2 hour with this system (it includes a little screen capture work as well which is outside the scope of One Hour Video System).

As we've said in the promotional material, a two / three minute video is easily doable in under an hour. If you're creating a one hour long video with this, it's obviously going to take much longer.

But don't I need to create a longer video?

I don't know where folks got the idea that the world needs 90 minute long videos to sell stuff - it's totally wrong for a number of reasons.

Let's get a couple of exceptions out the way first - webinars and infomercials.

Webinars are great, but they're essentially glorified podcasts. They're content, designed for the purpose of providing education / in-depth value over a longer period. They are a totally different beast to the form of video that will get you far more eyeballs - short, concise informational presentations. Webinars sell stuff really well, but they take a lot of time, energy and technology to pull off correctly.

Those 30 minute infomercials you see on Sunday morning today are in a different league again, and are essentially chaining shorter videos into one longer one - notice how they repeat the same information? How many times do they ask for your credit card? That stuff works for the person stuck on the couch thinking about whether she needs the 8-piece cheese grater, it fails completely on the web - folks don't have the patience.

Why You Should Make 2-3 Minute Videos

After 10 seconds, 50% of your viewers are GONE (on average)

YouTube have published this stat, and my own stats roughly tie in with it. From the minute your viewers click play, your audience is shrinking at an initially rapid rate. People abandon videos - it's just a fact and it makes sense - They got bored. It's not relevant. They don't like your vid. Whatever. 

Your job is to make this drop off as small as possible. We teach a number of tricks on how to do this in the system, but the EASIEST thing you can do to RETAIN viewers (bar anything else) is make shorter videos! The SHORTER your video, the more folks will get to the end of it (i.e the REALLY important part where you want them to take action). 

Going "short" means you have to get focused, and means you have to write a script to pack the information in dense (which also keeps your videos more engaged).

That's why One Hour Video System ONLY supports videos based on a script, and why writing the script is one of two important parts of this process that will take you the most time.

Let's break down that 60 minutes and cover each part -

Script Writing - 10-20 mins

This is the most important part and is always the thing I spend the most time on. With a rough idea in my head and an outline, I'll have a script draft in about 6 minutes, then spend another 5 or so tweaking and tidying up. One Hour Video Studio will show you how long your script will last for (approximately) so you'll have a good idea of when you've hit the 2/3 minute mark as you write.

We cover script writing in the course, and provide a framework for how to get your script written quickly.

I hate writing sales copy - I'm not a great copywriter, I don't find it easy and it frequently takes me hours. 

For some reason I find video scripts are easy though - I know from my own experience the copy doesn't need to be as good as a sales letter, because my audio and visuals will engage SO much better than written copy alone. It's a more forgiving medium.

Lastly I'll break the script up in advance with markers with concepts of what I want on screen, or simply text I'll show directly on screen.

Audio Prep - 2 Mins

Script done, I'll load up audacity, plug the mic in and make a quick test recording to check levels.

Audio Record - 6 Mins (say two takes just for the sake of it)

A dry-run helps when reading from a script, these days I can normally wing it and hit a home run on the first take with maybe a couple of mistakes to edit out, or worst case re-record the whole thing. Either way I'm assuming they'll be pops and clicks needing removal.

Audio Clean Up - 6 mins

Now I've got a raw 2/3 minute recording I'll playback and cut out mistakes where I made them. Obviously if you're new to this and make lots of mistakes it will take longer. I still have bad days where I spew all manner of rubbish into the microphone and spend 10 minutes doing surgery on the recording. Other days I just leave slurps and "erms" in to keep it natural. One thing I can promise you is reading from a script MASSIVELY reduces the amount of mistakes you need to clean up versus "winging it".

Next I run the vocal enhancement plugin and export a WAV file which takes a minute max.

Audio Sync - 3 mins

No hanging around, I drag the audio file back into One Hour Video Studio (script still open), click "Fast Playback" and sync the script. This takes about 60% of the time your audio recording lasts for.

Powerpoint Build - 1 minute

Script synced, I now click "Produce Powerpoint," check the timings look ok, drag the "Startle" Powerpoint template in and wait for One Hour Video Studio to build the Powerpoint template.

You can render a video at this point with no further work - 40 Minute Video system?

Powerpoint Enhancement - 10-20 mins

The Powerpoint file may be ready to go, but it's going to look pretty drab without spending a little time sprucing it up, and this is the other big chunk of time your one hour will be spent on.

Getting this done quickly is all about maximizing use of a Video-aware Powerpoint template, such as the Startle template we provide with the product.

We show you how to re-brand Startle to your colors / fonts etc in the training area, then you've got a big library of visual designs you can quickly apply to each slide generated by One Hour Video Studio.

Template layouts aside, I'll spend the bulk of this time applying the odd animation effect (if I want one not included in Startle), and adding graphics (which are better than text!).

Here's the thing - you can allow this stuff to occupy your entire day, or you can implement simple design changes and get it done. The mistake folks are making (I still do it as well) is forgetting video this ISN'T a static medium - it's not like your website design that's going to be representing your brand every time a customer visits - these slides are going to be shown, then disappear. Keep the slides simple (all the Startle slides are) and let your voiceover and graphics / images do the heavy lifting.


You're done. Once you hit render the process is complete. Depending on what you've done on screen with Powerpoint (image animations will SLOW rendering big time) and what quality you've set for your output, rendering could take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. Our promise with the product is to get you up to this point, because it's where you get your time back, and can switch to another task while you wait for the render.

YouTube upload is of course optional as well, that won't take more than a couple of minutes to setup and again you can do something else while it uploads.

Great Expectations? 

You may have heard of the "Four Hour Work Week" - a fantastic book by Time Ferris that changed my outlook on lots of stuff, but like a lot of folks I was a little bit of a sucker for that elusive promise - four hours of work a week; which is of course, unrealistic once you've read the book. 

As an aside, it's interesting to note Tim didn't even write the book with that title (originally "Drug Dealing For Fun and Profit").

In my case, I'm putting my money where my mouth is -

I've made a little sales video for the product, with the product, and beneath it, I've recorded the production of that video in one hour. I've edited down the longer parts (script writing, script syncing, audio narration) so folks don't have to sit through the whole hour, but you'll see the clock on screen and see exactly what I do.

Did I prep for the video? Yes. Is it easier for me because I've been doing it a while? Yes again. On the other hand, I'm giving lengthy narration explaining what I'm doing within that hour (hence the prep!) so I think you'll cut me some slack.

The point is, you can see me do it - it will take you a few goes to get up to the same speed, but it's absolutely doable - nothing I'm doing is difficult or hard to master.

The whole point in this system is to REMOVE the tricky/awkward technical stuff that gets in the way of making video, and maximise the amount of time for you to concentrate on the part that matters - your creative vision.

Whether you spend one hour, two hours or two days on it, our goal is to provide you with a system that ensures that time will be spend on your valuable creative output, not wrestling with technology or wondering what to do next.

Over to you -

One Hour Video System

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