How To Create a Youtube Channel

In this series, I'm going to show you how to correctly setup a new Youtube channel so you're ready to go with all the useful hidden features you'll need to grow a successful channel, and gain subscribers and views.

Getting Started

Firstly, sign in to Youtube or create an account if necessary. Click the top right menu icon and click "Creator Studio." Next, click "Create a channel"

At this point, you can upload a photo first if you wish, but the first thing I'd recommend you click on is "To use a business or other name, click here."

Now pick a name a name for your channel - make sure it's what you want!

Next Pick a category for your channel - doesn't really matter what you pick but choose something appropriate

Watch the tutorial video below for a walkthrough of these steps - there's one for each part of this series -

Creator Studio

  In this second part, we'll take a quick look at creator studio and what you can do with it.

Upload Longer Videos, Get Custom Thumbnails and External Annotations

This is the cool part! This is where I show you how to get you the MOST POWERFUL features available to you in Youtube.

  1. Longer Videos
    This lets you upload videos longer than the 15 minute limit (but as an extra tip - don't do that, make them shorter ;)
  2. Custom Thumbnails
    Rather than surrending your thumbnail to a random frame grab Youtube will make, this will let you upload custom thumbnails which is CRITICAL for getting clicks
  3.  External Annotations
    If you have a website, you need this feature to link on-screen annotations back to your site

Upload Defaults

In this video I'll show you how to setup upload defaults, which will shave a little time off your Youtube uploads, each time you go it.

Featured Content and Branding

In this next part I show you how to get Youtube promoting your channel for you (for free) and how to apply watermark across all of your videos

Advanced Channel Setup

In this part we look at advanced channel setup options and what they can do for you.

First, you can add channel keywords which do two things - give the keywords you assign to videos extra "firepower" - by which I mean you're telling Youtube your channel and it's videos are super-relevant the terms you put in here. However, you'll only be able to add a few so pick wisely.

Secondly, channel keywords also determine whether your channel itself will show up in Youtube's search results, which you'll sometimes see happen when you search Youtube.

You can also decide whether to let Youtube show ads on your videos - disable this! If you monetise your videos ads will appear and you'll get a cut but otherwise you're distracting YOUR viewers with other people's ads

You can set your website here as the associated website Youtube will allow you to link external annotations to - VERY important if you're planning on driving traffic to your site form Youtube.

You can set whether you want channel recommendations to show on your channel - I recommend you disable this, otherwise again you'll leaking your audience to other people.

Lastly you can hide your subscriber count if you wish, which you may want to do if you're just starting out.

Channel Page Setup

To setup your channel page that viewers will see, you need to go the channel itself, which you can get to form the left side menu on Youtube's home page.

You'll see "channel tips" form Youtube, work through all of these to begin with

Now click the "edit" icon in the Channel Navigation, and enable "Browse" - this is important because you want viewers to see your videos on the channel page, not your activity feed which is less relevant

Now you can add a Section to your channel page. I'd suggest you start with Popular Videos and Uploads, but remember you won't see anything here until you've uploaded some videos

Creating Channel Art for your Youtube Channel

Follow this link for in depth guidance from Youtube on how to set your channel art up.

You'll also find more information about dimensions and formats here

  • Single 2560 x 1440 px image
  • JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG (no animated GIFs)
  • Image will be cropped and scaled for various devices
  • Dimensions have been doubled to accommodate retina displays

Next Step - Get Youtube Traffic!

Now your channel is setup, all that's left to do is create videos and build an audience.

There's obviously much, much more detail to go into, so I've created a free report you can download that goes into detail on how to grow your channel and build a business with Youtube

Click here to get Youtube Traffic Report

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