How To Get Subscribers - Success! 500% Daily Increase!!

In this post and 90+ minute video series, you will learn how I increased daily subscribers to my YouTube channel by a staggering 500% in one hit.

I had a hunch this idea would work, I had no idea it would do this -

As you can see I was clocking about 5-7 subscribers a day, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. After uploading one video this ramped up to a peak of near 45, and has now steadied off at around 25-30 subscribers a day, with a little dip on weekends.

That, in short, is making wine out of water.

How'd I Do It?

Well, I drive a lot of traffic to the channel page, and it gets hit a lot from people checking out my videos and then looking at the channel. Everytime I send a friend invite out or a message to someone, they're hitting the channel page to check me out and immediately see the video playing on the channel page.

The problem with this, is that on any given week the video I've uploaded might be quite specific, or "niche," which will turn away a lot of first time viewers.

So my big not-that-clever-really idea was to create a video specifically for the channel page that does the following -

  • Introduces the channel, me, what it's about and why it will help people
  • Showcases the channel's best content
  • Provides immediate value in the form of a decent tip
  • Critically - Asks the viewer to subscribe to get more from the channel each week

That's a lot for one video to accomplish, which is why is wrote a script for the video to ensure I could achieve all those objectives in as short a space of time as possible - a fresh viewer to a channel isn't going to stay watching more than 2-3 minutes at best.

I used some copywriting techniques, persuasion and influence skills, and careful design of the video itself to reinforce the message in the script. You can see the end result here -

Part 1 - Concept

So in Part 1 of the video series on How To Get Subscribers, I introduce this concept and go into the thinking behind it in some more detail.

Part 2 - Scriptwriting

The second part focuses on the scriptwriting process - whilst this is 20 minutes of looking at Microsoft Word, it's the most valuable video of the series - the script is directly responsible for driving the video and achieving the result, and I go into a lot of detail about the decisions I made which you can learn from.

Part 3 - Audio Recording

Part 3 covers my audio production process, where I explain how I recorded my narration, got it perfect, tweaked the audio and mixed in music - all with free software and my laptop.

Part 4 - Video Production

Part 4 covers elements of creating the visuals of the video, which were all achieved in Powerpoint and Camtasia. Even if you don't use those tools, this is worth a look to understand some of the tricks I used with the video itself which reinforce the script and make it stronger.

Part 5 - YouTube Setup

Lastly in part 5 I show how to configure the YouTube channel page to play the video permanently, and finish up with some closing thoughts

How Many Subscribers Could You Get With This?

The key point I've realised after going through this is I was missing a lot of potential subscribers. What you need to think about is how many you are currently losing based on the traffic to your channel page, and whether a video like this that showcases your content will improve your numbers. Realise once it's done, that subscription rate is changed forever - every day I'm now getting five times more than I was, I'm getting 5 months worth of subscribers in 1, which is the crucial point.

As I outlined in the videos, this was two solid days of work, and the pay off has been immense. It's well worth the time if you've established some videos on YouTube.

Please leave a comment on the videos themselves on YouTube and I'll answer any questions you have about the process.

Lastly, if you're not subscribed to my newsletter, now's the time if you want more content like this!

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