How To Get Subscribers / Views / Comments / Likes / Fame / Glory / Ad Nauseum ...

Without fail, the number 1 question I get from people is -

"How do I get Subscribers" (with "How do I Get Views" a close second)

The first thing I do when I get these questions is have a look at the channel / website of the person who's emailing me. I don't know anything about them, so I'm on a very-time-limited mission to see what they're making videos about, and who for. I'll usually be asking myself the following -

  • What does their channel page tell me about them?
  • What does the FIRST video that plays tell me about what they provide?
  • Can I quickly get an idea of what their channel is about from the first 20 seconds of the video?
  • How many videos do they have?
  • What are the TITLES of their videos (coz I'm not gonna watch all of them)
  •  Does the DESCRIPTION on their channel page tell me more about what they're about?
  • Is there a link to a website where I can find out more about them?

You would be AMAZED at the amount of people who want to know how to get subscribers and have NO VIDEOS!!!!

Small rant, skip to next section if you have videos already :)

Let's say I have a list of thousands of people's email addresses, and I can email all of them and TELL them to subscribe to your channel.

What do you think I would write?

"Hey guys, you should all subscribe to [insert channel name] on YouTube because there's NOTHING to see on it"

OK you get the point - Make some goddamn videos!!!!

Why do YOU Subscribe?

Go on YouTube now and look at the channels you subscribe to - not fricking Katy Perry or Epic Meal Time - what other smaller channels are you subscribed to?

Look at their videos (hint 1: they have videos) and ask yourself what it was that made you subscribe in the first place. Do they entertain you? Make you laugh? Educate you? Surprise you? Impress you? Why why why? (hint 2: I'm betting you watched a couple of videos before you subscribed to them)

Now think back - WHY did you click that subscribe button? What was in it for you?

Simple answer -


Understand what motivated YOU, and you can start to understand what you need to start doing to motivate OTHER PEOPLE to subscribe to your channel.

And let me be ABSOLUTELY clear - if you don't know what your channel is about, no one else will. 

If you look at your channel and ask yourself the SAME questions above that I ask when I look at channels, can you honestly tell what your OWN channel offers people?

  • Does your channel page tell visitors WHAT your channel is about?
  • Do your videos QUICKLY tell viewers WHY they will be entertained / benefit from watching the videos?
  • Are all the titles of your videos COMPELLING and enticing enough to make people click and watch?
  • Do you have AT LEAST 5 videos where viewers can get an idea of what you're about?

Get a friend or relative who doesn't know about your channel to look at it - don't tell them about it - just ask them to look at it and ask them one question - "what is my channel about?"

The answer might be tough to hear (don't be pissed with them! they'll be kinder than YouTubers!!), but this might start to make you think about what you need to do next (hint 3: define your channel)

Why do you want subscribers?

Sounds like a silly question, but get clear on your goals. Do you want a customer base you can sell to? Do you want fans who will like your material and spread the word? Do you just want a community to interact with?

What do you perceive will be different when you have 100 subscribers? 1000? 100,000? 1 Million?

The whole "subscribe to me and I'll subscribe to you" thing is utterly futile - I don't think FreddieW, Phillip De Franco or Michelle Phan spent ANY time begging for subs when they started out - they were too damn busy making incredible videos.

You can't be worrying about where the audience is before you've got the attraction sorted. It's like selling tickets to a theatre without booking an act.

How To Get Subscribers

Make at LEAST 5 (preferably 10) short videos with AWESOME titles that will attract people to watch them

If you're entertaining, do the best you can do, keep working on your talent, you've got a tough road ahead - look at what other people are doing for inspiration. If it's not working, it may be time to give up ...

If you're educating, things are a LOT easier, assuming you know what you're talking about. Deliver QUICK, concise information, don't forget your personality and make sure your videos MAKE A DIFFERENCE to potential viewers as quickly as possible. Educating means news, tech reviews, my kind of shit, politics, make up tips - it's all the same business - helping people - and it's the best kind of channel to be running

Now you're making decent, valuable, helpful videos, learn a little about SELLING yourself and start to TELL people at the start of your videos WHY they should watch. At the END of your videos ASK them to subscribe and tell them you've got more videos coming they will like. In short - tell them WHY they will not regret subscribing to your channel.

This is the ABSOLUTE basis for getting a truckload of subscribers - I know you need the views - we'll get to that next.

How To Get Views

My ordering is back to front, because you'll get views BEFORE you get subscribers. People VIEWING your video is a prerequisite to some of them subscribing to your channel

"Views" are simply exposure - your video somehow ends up in front of a bunch of people and some of them click and view it.

So how do you get your video in front of people? Where are they?

Your best bet is YouTube search - unless you strike up a relationship with a similar channel, the bulk of traffic (eye balls) for smaller channels comes from YouTube search. This is why it's SO important you get good titles, and optimise your video metadata to give you a solid chance of popping up theyoutube search engine. It's a long road, but I GUARANTEE you it's possible if you stick with it and keep making good videos. I've done it from scratch and my videos are FAR from masterpieces - the difference is I've CONSISTENTLY published and kept hustling. BELIEVE me I know how frustrating those early days are with very few viewers - you've really GOT to make at least 10 videos before you start getting any traction on building an audience.

Once you do, your channel starts to become DEFINED and other channels will be able to watch your best videos and learn more about you, then they'll be open to working with you and sharing their audience with you.

How To Get Comments, Likes and Favorites

Quite simply they come with the views. There's NO point worrying about this stuff unless you're getting views, and you can't do that before you've made a DECENT bunch of videos.

It's an unavoidable sequence you've got to go through. Once you DO start getting views, ASK for comments, likes and favs, but you'll find these come naturally with views, which come AFTER you've made videos and optimised them.

Quite literally, It All Starts With You

Thousands of happy subscribers is a desirable goal, but go back to basics and figure out how you can carve a unique little space on YouTube. 

Once you're making decent vids, watch every single video on my channel and apply the tips, one a week (you'll get overwhelmed if you try too much). 

My little tips and tactics are all well and good, but they are SECONDARY to the video you're making. 

Get that good first, then come to the forum and ask me how I can help you get your channel more views - if I can get good answers to all those questions at the start of this post, you should already be in a good place.

Now stop reading blog posts and GO MAKE AN INCREDIBLE VIDEO

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