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OK, this thing runs a normal YouTube search, exactly the same as on YouTube. Whatever you type in is the same as searching directly on YouTube. This uses YouTube's API which exposes their search engine to programmers like me to mash up.

However, be aware the API results can differ very slightly from the main site, and especially the statistics, which are nearly always different. Not massively different, but different. The order of results seems to be for the most part consistent with the results on YouTube.
So, type your search term in the main textbox and press enter or click search, there's also the option to click the links on the right which will run your query directly on Google or itself so you can compare the results. The Google option is useful if you want to see whether any videos are in Google's search results for you term, and indeed which ones, if any are from the YouTube results.
What you'll see immediately when you search is there are a bunch of queries running which are searches to get extra information for the search results. These extra queries are to get the number of video responses for each search result, and the subscriber count of the video uploader. These can take a few seconds so if you don't want this information, you can turn these off with the checkboxes under the search box.


First column is the video title and the result position. You'll see your search words are hilighted in the title, along with the duration of the video. If you click on the link, a new window will open up to play the video on YouTube. Lastly in this column, the small plus icon at the end will open up the description of the video and tags, as set by the uploader. These are all factors the person who uploaded the video has influence over to affect search rankings, however YouTube is obviously aware these elements are user controlled.
Next is the channel of user who created the video, clicking on their username will open a window straight to their channel page.
Next to that is the channel's subscriber count, if you choose to retrieve this. This isn't a direct factor on why videos rank, but obviously the higher a user's subscriber count, the more "trust" YouTube is likely to associated with their videos. However, that is speculation on my part, and for that reason I've greyed this number out as less of a contributing factor, unlike the rest of the columns here.

Now, from left to right, we have the view count, comments, favorite count, likes, likes to dislikes rating , video responses and upload date. The first few columns have an icon, if you hover over those you'll get the tooltips to show you what they are.
View count, or views, is the factor most people concentrate on, the higher your view count, the higher the amount of people who've seen your video.
Comments are the amount of comments different users have typed against your video, and favorites is the amount of times the video has been favorited by users as something they want to come back to, or bookmark within YouTube as really important to them.
Conversely, Likes are simply a vote of appreciation that is a factor to tell YouTube the video is popular. Conversely, users can dislike videos and that ratio of likes to dislikes is shown in the rating column from 1 to 5. In the old days, YouTube had 5 star ratings before like/dislike buttons so that's why this ratio goes to five. Obviously the closer to five it is, the more popular it is.
Next we have video responses, which is the count of actual videos users has left as responses against others. These are a big deal, because they effectively signal to YouTube that the user is so affected by the video in question that they've been motivated to leave a video response against it. However, like view count, this is certainly not the key factor in rankings.
Next we have the publish date of the video, which is also important - very recent videos rank well for search terms, and older videos rank well where they are sustaining engagement with viewers. What I mean by that is a five year old video on say, how Facebook works isn't likely to rank highly anymore because it's content will be out of date. That certainly isn't always the case, but if newer videos are more engaging, relevant and sustain user interaction in comments, likes etcetera they are more than capable of displacing old results. I have seen some old videos, that really have out of date content which are nearly impossible to outrank because they've just got so many likes, views, favorites etcetera.
What you'll find with very new videos is they can gain top 10 rankings in their first few days and even weeks of being uploaded, but then sink in the results if they're not popular enough.
Across these statistics what you'll see is that the highest value of each column is highlighted green, and this really shows you how they factors interplay in terms of how YouTube does it rankings. What I've found from search I've done through this is two things - the highest values are almost always not at the top, and in many cases, the top results can have far low numbers than results lower down.
So why is this? Well, obviously other factors come into play - the title, description, keywords and publish date being the obvious ones on screen, but additionally, there are two really important factors I can't show you in there results - 

Other Ranking Factors

The big ranking factors not shown are backlinks to the video itself, and embeds of the video on web pages, facebook etcetera. These are massively important because like back-linking to web pages, they are a key indicator of a video's relevancy to a search phrase - especially in the case of backlinks.
Now, although I can't show you backlink counts, what you can do is click the icon in the very last column, and that will open a search on, which will show you what backlinks, if any each video has. Open Site Explorer is free, but you will need to register after three uses of it if you want to see more.
So that's it. Have a play, it completely free and if you've found it useful please share it with friends!

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