Video Factory Upgrades - Themes, Previewing and MP4 Support

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed me mentioning Video Factory a couple of times lately...

As excited as I was to get it live, I knew there were a few features it needed to make it really, really useful, but we were intent on getting it live in some form to get feedback from you guys, which has been invaluable.
It's real important to get projects finished by deadlines you set on yourself, and manage the scope of your workload to if need be - you cut features from your project if you're in danger of missing your deadlines. Obviously don't cut things you really need, but part of good Project Management is knowing when to remove features from your scope. Without deadlines you keep yourself accountable to, things just drag and drag ...
In our case, the three BIG features we didn't release on day one were Themeing, Previews and MP4 support (and believe me these were hard to cut), which are available from today!


Configuring your own colors in the videos is great, but it quickly gets laborious if you're producing more than a few that you want with the same color scheme (especially if you're producing a video sales letter).
Enter themeing.
Themeing lets you to setup a "theme" of your colors once, then apply them to any of the templates with one click. This is a massive time saver as you can instantly see what each template looks like in your colors, once you've set your theme up. You can create as many themes as you wish (login required), or select from a range of themes we've made available for you to play with.
It's not rolled out on all templates yet (a little upgrade work is required per template), but we should have full support on all templates in the next couple of weeks.


Even though you can see the super-cool on-page preview of what your clips will look like, I'm aware this isn't 100% accurate and many of you want a more concrete preview of what the final video will look like.
We've now introduced a "preview" feature where you can queue your design to get a single full-size frame from the video rendered. In all cases, the frame selected will show the key elements of the clip on screen, and you'll be able to see EXACTLY what the final result will look like. Previewing is free so this won't incur any credits for use.
To go along with previewing, we've added a "reproduce" feature under "Your Videos," which will allow you to reload any of your video designs (whether from preview pics or previous videos), which will save you having to re-setup your designs again before you order a video.

MP4 Support

As of today all Video Factory videos are now H.264, MP4 format videos. We won't be offering WMV anymore since (to my my knowledge) there is hardly anything that only supports WMV and not MP4 video. This means whether you are on Mac or PC, and whatever your video editing software choice, Video Factory clips will be compatable with everything that supports MP4. The clips are all still the same 720p, high quality output as before.

What's next?

We're FAR from finished with the Video Factory platform, there are more BIGGER features coming which I think will truly blow you away when you see what we've got planned, so make sure you're subscribed to us via Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
If you've got credits to spend or are considering purchasing some, now's a great time to check out the new features. 
As always, if you've got suggestions or feedback please let us know on the forum, we implement customer ideas regularly!
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