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Video Sales Letter - Quick Tips!
1 . Sunday, 12 February 2012, 02:06 AM

If you want your audience to watch your Video Sales Letter from start to finish, why not add some of the elements of a story to make it more interesting?
Just as a movie story is enhanced by great images and sounds you can also improve your videos by incorporating some of the following elements:


  • Relevant, specific Images/Photos
  • Graphics - shocking statistics, screenshots, etc
  • Visual FX  - Try Video Factory!


  • Voice-over / Narrations - Provide commentary, narrate a story, experiment. ALWAYS pretend you're talking to one person
  • Sound effects - Don't use to many, they'll get annoying
  • Dramatic Music - make sure it's in the BACKGROUND though!

Think about the ads you see on TV - What has a cute, little, puppy dog got to do with toilet rolls? The answer is nothing. The cute, little, puppy dog provides the visual image that gives you an emotional jolt and makes you remember and hopefully, buy the product. 

Music too can give the viewer and emotional jolt. Music carries the viewer into the story and keeps them watching up until the end. 

Share your tips below...

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